Resume Database Unique Features

Candidates You Won't Find on Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice:

ZillionResumes' network of partners, companies, recruiters, professional organizations, individual posters and proprietary Web Scour software feeds our unique candidate-resume database. Many of our candidates are not accessible to other job boards and databases - you won't find them anywhere else but here.

Reach many of the 71% of Candidates not on Job Boards:

Research shows that only 29% of on-line users visit job boards. ZillionResumes lets you reach many of the other 71%. Our partner network and proprietary technology finds passive and active candidates worldwide. These high-quality candidates are waiting for you to show them a better opportunity.

100,000's of Resume Sources:

Our partners and proprietary technology work around the clock for you, adding thousands of new candidate-resumes every week, from over 115,000 sources. We make it easy for you to find the candidates you need.

Easy Resume Search:

ZillionResumes is easy to use. Our databases are infinitely keyword searchable, enabling you to drill down and find the exact candidates you need. Alternatively, use our Job Title search with an easy point and click interface to help you find the perfect candidates. Saves time and get spot on candidate matches.

Easy Candidate Scan:

ZillionResumes highlights keywords used in your resume search. You can scan the results and find the right candidates quickly.

Easy Candidate Contact:

ZillionResumes makes it easy for you to contact candidates. We automatically extract candidate email addresses for one click access. You can quickly build a list of candidate emails. If you are planning a large email recruiting campaign, contact us - our low-cost customized, targeted candidate email service is fast, efficient and cost effective.

Only Dollars a Day:

ZillionResumes is the world's most cost-effective recruiting resource. A yearly subscription costs just a few dollars per day. Even for a monthly subscription, the cost is just $4 a day. Subscriptions renew automatically, to make sure that you have uninterrupted access to our searchable candidate-resume databases. However, you may cancel your ZillionResumes subscription at any time for any reason. There are NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENTS with ZillionResumes subscriptions.

Risk Free Guarantee:

No fine print. No special requirements. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 24-hours of your registration or 40 resume views, whichever occurs first, and ask for your money back. We'll refund your money, guaranteed.

Responsive to Your Needs:

At ZillionResumes, we don't lock you into long term agreements. With our month to month subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription at any time.