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Because ZillionResumes is the most experienced (launched in 2000), largest (millions of resumes) and best source (thousands of satisfied and repeat customers) to find resumes for your active and passive candidate sourcing and recruitment needs. Here's why you should try ZillionResumes to find employees:

Reach millions of candidates who do not visit job boards. ZillionResumes is simply the best and easiest resume database for helping you find resumes of active and passive candidates.

ZillionResumes gathers and aggregates online resumes from over 120,000 sites and puts them all in one place to save you days of search time and help you find employees that meet your needs fast. ZillionResumes is dedicated to helping you be successful in your recruiting and candidate sourcing efforts.

Less than 20% of candidates visit major job boards. ZillionResumes gives you one-stop access to many of these hard-to-find candidates. Get access to millions of passive candidates. Stop wasting your time trying to find free resumes and wading through all the junk, let ZillionResumes do the heavy lifting for you and easily search resumes and find employees that meet your needs.

ZillionResumes lets you find candidates you can't find anywhere else, not CareerBuilder, not Monster, not Dice, not anywhere. You get a simple and effective resume search interface that allows fast and easy filtering so you can find the best candidates quickly.

Stop paying thousands of dollars to CareerBuilder, Dice, Monster or other expensive resume search services where you will see the same candidates as your competition. Let ZillionResumes help you solve your resume sourcing and recruitment needs.

With your Zillion Resumes database subscription you get free resume search help, unlimited free customer support, a risk free money back guarantee, powerful resume database search features, access to millions of active and passive candidates, online resumes you can only find on ZillionResumes, simple export of candidate summary information (including contact details) to a spreadsheet, easy resume export, generous resume view and resume search limits and our commitment to helping you with your resume search efforts. Find the best candidates with ZillionResumes. Find employees with ZillionResumes.

Search resumes now on ZillionResumes and see for yourself the value we provide to hiring companies and recruiters.

Need a targeted list of candidates or resumes with specific skills and/or in specific geographic locations? ZillionResumes can provide targeted active and passive candidate lists to meet your needs. Let ZillionResumes do the work for you. We can also contact these targeted candidates on your behalf and direct them to your free job posting on ActiveHire.

Need candidates with a security clearance? Let ZillionResumes, teamed with DefenseTalent help you find them. We have over 125,000 cleared candidates.

Customer Testimonials

"I was very impressed. The best product I have used to search for passive candidates."
—Scott K. Technical Recruiter

"Service is great, functionality and price are perfect."
—Chuck L. Technical Recruiter

"ZillionResumes gives me the edge over other recruiters. If there were just one resource I could use it would be ZillionResumes. The other well-known resources like Monster and Dice do not tap into personal resume web pages. A very excellent value."
—James Stakelum, Recruiter; Dallas, TX

"This is an unsolicited reference for the services For several years I have been a subscr iber and the website has always fulfilled my needs. However, beyond that, I want to let people know that the entire staff at ZillionResumes is dedicated to keeping their clients happy. They were very patient with me in teaching me how to effectively navigate the website to get the full potential for my needs."
—Jim Mathisen, Senior Executive Services

"It is with pleasure I send this quick note as I have converted a $100 investment into a $15,000 placement. Your million+ resume database produced 10 send-out candidates in two days. Not only did I place one but satisfied my clients with better coverage and established excellent contacts for future searches. I would certainly recommend your service to other search professionals."
—P. Dubois, President, Pride In Personnel Inc.

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